The house of “Els Estels” consists of 5 large single storey rooms grouped around a courtyard which can be accessed from the street via a ramp. It occupies a total of 340 m2 in addition to the 95m2 large courtyard and a semiprivate entrance square.

  1. The 60m2 large living room is a beautiful rectangular room covered by a wooden beamed roof with a roof light and views out onto the landscape. It has a wooden gate opening to the semiprivate entrance square and an access to the court yard. Its distribution is flexible and can be modified to host yoga sessions, presentations, discussion rounds or just a leisurely evening in the company of friends or family.
  2. The dinning and reading room is 55m2 large and equipped with air conditioning. It has a direct access from the kitchen. The distribution of the dining tables is flexible and can be done in small groups or as one large banquette. Going up 4 steps from the dining room is a cozy reading area equipped with sofas, arm chairs, books and games.
  3. The 22m2 large kitchen has a triangular footprint. Its more than 6 meter of worktop is enough space for four to five persons working simultaneously. They can also enjoy a chat around the kitchen table. A large (90 cm) stove, a microwave and an extra large fridge support any culinary ambition. The washing machine and a dish washer help to tidy up afterwards. The kitchen is equipped to cater for up to 18 people.
  4. 4 Double bedrooms (60m2) with adjacent bathroom (20m2).
  5. Stock beds (50m2) with adjacent Bathroom (11m2).
  6. The large courtyard is animated by an olive tree, a masonry bench and table to meet in the evenings or have a morning coffee and a chat. For smokers, this patio is always just a step away.

There is no TV, but many books and board games are available, also for children. Who cannot miss this one important football game can choose between two cafes in the village where television can be watched in good company and with a fresh drink.